What to Look For In a Good Management Agent

If a person is letting out a property then they may not want the responsibility that comes with this. In that case, they may want to hire a management agent. To make this decision it means understanding what the management agent does and what they need to have to qualify them for this type of job.

People Skills

The management agent is going to be dealing directly with the tenants. Tenants can be hard to get. Once they do rent out the property they have certain expectations. The management agent will be the one to meet these expectations. Tenants want to be able to contact someone that has the authority to make decisions when the need arises. The management agent has to know how to deal with the tenants in a professional manner.

Passion for the Job

A management agent has to like the work they will be doing. it can at times be stressful. If they do not enjoy this type of work environment then they may not be committed to their responsibilities.

Decision Maker

The management agent has to make a lot of decisions on behalf of the landlord. They have to be able to do this in a wise manner. There will be times when they need to decide what property repairs are necessary. According to the law as well as for the satisfaction of tenants. It means they may have to hire the appropriate contractors. The landlord want someone who is going to be able to use their common sense and know how to go about finding the right people to do the repairs at the right price.


A landlord that is screening a management agent wants to be able to determine that this person is going to be honest and trustworthy. This is where relying on their credentials and their referrals will be important.