What Does a Management Agent Do?

A management agent takes on a lot of responsibility for the landlord. Usually when a landlord has a block that they own they want someone that has the skills to manage it for them. Ownership of this type of property creates a lot of ongoing tasks. Often too many for the landlord to cope with. It takes a certain set of skills and training to properly manage the property.

Repairs and Maintenance

The landlord has a legal obligation to ensure the premises being rented are kept in good condition. There are ongoing repairs that are needed. The management agents take on the task of making sure that these repairs are completed. They will hire the necessary contractors that are needed. In addition to this, they will see that there is staff on hand to tend to the daily maintenance of the property as needed.

Dealing with the Tenants

The tenants must have someone responsible to go to when they are in need of something about the flat or if they have questions. The management agent takes on the role of being the liaison for the landlord. How much authority the management agent has depends on the contract he has with the landlord.


The landlord may decide to let the management agent handle the financials for the property. Or they may maintain this responsibility themselves. In some cases, they use a letting agent to handle this. In any event, the financial responsibilities have several different tasks related to it. It may include the collection of the rent and the depositing of it into the landlords business account. There will be a necessity for record keeping. Which not only include the rent collection but the expenses incurred by the management when fulfilling their other duties.

These are just some of the major duties of the management agent. There are several others that come with this type of job.