How to Start a Management Agents Business

There are a lot of different businesses that one can start in the UK. One of these that is popular and often in demand is a management agent business. There are some benefits to starting this type of business, and one of these is the low start-up cost. However, there are a certain number of skills required, but the education requirements are limited, but there are some good training resources.

Take the Proper Training

The management agents business is a competitive one. Those who are going to start this type of business need to be able to market themselves effectively. Having the proper training can help set one apart from some of their competitors. There are various courses that apply to management agents. Also, it is a good idea to join the various organisations that apply to this industry. It gives one more credibility.

The Business Plan

Every business needs a proper business plan. It should include the objectives and what the business is going to offer. Some management agents also want to take on letting agent roles. In this case, extra training and credentials are going to be needed. For those that want to stay with the management agent role then there has to be a clear plan of what is going to be offered to clients.


Once the business has been properly registered according to business laws then the management agent is ready to market their business. There are different ways to go about this. Having a website is a good marketing tool. But, this means having to market the site to attract attention. Networking is advantageous to finding clients. It means attending different areas where potential clients may be. Such as real estate investment clubs. Getting to know other professionals in the real estate industry is a good way to start getting referrals.