About Letting And Management Agents

This is a site dedicated to those who are landlords and those who are there to provide services to the property owner who is letting out their property. Landlords have a lot of responsibilities that they often need the right help with. There are different professionals that they can rely on for this. These are the letting agent and the management agent. It can be difficult to know what expectations should be placed on these professionals.

Then for the letting agent and the management agent, they too have expectations that they place on their clients.The information here should be of great assistance for both the landlord and these professionals.

Letting Agent Section

In this section it outlines why a landlord should strongly consider these services. The information is beneficial in helping the landlord understand the benefits of using a letting agent. Then there is a post that is useful for the letting agent that is new to the business to understand what is expected of them.

Management Agent Section

Here it gives some insight as to how to define the different roles of the letting agent and the management agent. It explains that one can take on both roles if they choose to do so. There are some tips here for the landlord as to what to look for in a property management agent.


This section will help the property owner understand how much responsibility they are able to hand over to these professionals.

The information here will help define what these professionals have to offer. Also, to build confidence in the landlord when it comes to the letting and management agents.